COOPERATIVE «AGROVESNA» is a modern company that successfully develops the berry production area since
year 2011. The company’s focus is on the unification of Ukrainian berry producers to meet the needs of the end
consumer for quality product on the domestic and foreign markets. The total size of its own area is 500 hectares.
Today the berry cooperative is formed on company’s basis, which includes companies – producers of berries and
planting materials. This allows to always have a high-quality product, and it provides a sufficient volume, rich
assortment and stability of daily shipments.
The producrion facilities are situated in Kyiv region, Makariv district (65 kilometer of the facade of the Kyiv-Chop
highway). Such a good location greatly facilitates logistics and the sale of berries.


  • Strengthening the position of the national producer of high-quality products in Ukraine by means of
    cooperation and further development of the agricultural industrial park for the processing and sale of fruits
    and berries.
  • Increase of value added by products processing
  • Implementation of the latest technologies and quality standards.


  • Cooperation
  • Infrastructure
  • Good location


  • Growing berries: garden and forest strawberry, elongated bilberry, raspberries, currants, croutons,
  • Reproduction and cultivation of licensed and certified planting material of well-known and productive
    varieties of berry crops
  • Providing services to ensure processes for growing fruits and berries crops
  • Providing services for organizing and holding corporate events, conferences, festivals on our premises.

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