Scope of activity: Agrovesna, established in 2011, specializes in the cultivation of strawberries, raspberries, currants and blueberries on the fresh market. The total size of its own area is 500 hectares, on which it is planned to create an agro-industrial park.

Structure: On the basis of AF «Spring-2011», a berry cooperative was created, which consists of 12 enterprises, which are provided with all conditions for sustainable development. Every year, the number of enterprises in the cooperative grows and the area of ​​berry crop plots, including assortment, is expanding.

Mission: We work and refine to produce environmentally friendly and healthy fruits and berries.

Strategy: Our main goal is to strengthen the position of the leading producer of high-quality products in Ukraine by creating a high-performance agroindustrial park for the processing and sale of fruit and berry products.

Company goals:

  • Production of high quality fresh berries;
  • Implementation of the latest technologies and quality standards;
  • Creation of a modern powerful cooperative for the cultivation of fruit and berry crops;
  • Achievement of high results within the activity of the cooperative for the cultivation of berry crops;
  • Infrastructure development.