Variety of cultivated varieties allows to extend the period of fruiting from the end of June to the beginning of October.
Strawberry: Clery, Antea, Arosa, Marmolada, Murano, Capri, Flamenco, Malling Opal. Fetal period: May-October.
Raspberry: Glen Fyne, Sugana, Polana, Amira, Joan j. Fetal period: June-September
Blueberry: Duke, Bluegold, Bluecrop. Fetal period: June-August
Currant: Yuvileina Kopania, Vernissage. Fetal period: June-September

Plants under berries occupy 113 hectares:
• Strawberries — 35 ha;
• Raspberry — 25 hectares;
• Cranberry — 13 hectares;
• Blueberry — 40 hectares.

Landing material:

When laying berries, we carefully monitor the quality of the planting material used high quality friggo landing material of grade A and A + from the proven suppliers and carry out quality control of the landing operations.
Means of protection:
A moderately continental climate allows us to use pesticides without a pesticide, to grow an environmentally friendly product that meets the high quality requirements of our customers.
Production and technology:
We strictly control the entire production process from planting material to harvesting and supply of finished products to our customers. Each stage in the production process is supported by the Service of Agronomist and Technological Equipment. Landing, growing, collecting, sorting and packing berries properly in packaging and storage in modern refrigerated chambers is strictly controlled and meets quality standards that meet the needs of the most demanding markets.