Variety of cultivated varieties allows to extend the period of fruiting from the end of June to the beginning of October.
Strawberry: Clery, Antea, Arosa, Marmolada, Murano, Capri, Flamenco, Malling Opal. Fetal period: May-October.
Raspberry: Glen Fyne, Sugana, Polana, Amira, Joan j. Fetal period: June-September
Blueberry: Duke, Bluegold, Bluecrop. Fetal period: June-August
Currant: Yuvileina Kopania, Vernissage. Fetal period: June-September




Clery is a well-known early-season conical strawberry variety with large and homogeneous fruits. Berries are bright red color with “lacquered” shine, firm, and of well-balanced flavor.



Murano is a common strawberry sort grown in Italy. The fruit is big, firm, uniform size with glossy light red color and sweet flavor.

Glen Fyne

Glen Fyne is an early summer-fruiting raspberry with sweet aromatic flavor. The fruit is tall, firm, conically shaped, with glossy and attractive pinky-red color.

 Joan J

Joan J is raspberry variety that produces large, juicy fruits of a bright red-pink color. The berry has a sweet flavor, and is very firm.


Amira is one of the tastiest variety of remontant raspberry. This sort produces conical shape berries of bright red color. Amira is commonly used for fresh eating, jams, and jellies.



Duke is the most grown blueberry variety in Mid-Atlantic region. Duke produces, attractive, medium to large, light blue high-quality berries of tangy-sweet flavor.

Blue Gold

A high-quality blueberry, with medium to large sweet berries. Those sky blue colored berries are commonly used for baking.



Rovada is the most popular late season red currant produced in Europe. This currant plant produces large, firm berries of bright red color. In addition, the fruit has a perfect sweet and acidic flavor balance.