“Agrovesna” cluster is a robust enterprise of berry production. Today, the structure of the cluster includes 18 companies and over 350 hectares of planted berries. We specialize in the cultivation of pine and Alpine strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, black currant, red currant, and blackberry.

“Agrovesna” is a reliable producer that wishes to reach the highest levels of productivity and to correspond to the highest quality standards.

The key ingredients of the success of the enterprise are the following:

  • We use exclusively elite planting material, the most modern breeds, the best seed-beds of Europe:
  • We apply the latest elements in well-proven technology under the supervision of highly skilled experts.
  • We have settled the gathering and sorting of production in the field, according to international norms and standards.
  • We develop, introduce, and test the latest SMART «field to table» technologies.

According to the scheme of planting, the production capacity of the cluster for the season of 2020 makes 105 hectares.

Two hundred forty-five hectares of cultures, which have not started full fructification, have been planted.