“Agrovesna” cluster is one of the leaders in Ukraine in the production and sale of fresh berries.

“Agrovesna” cluster began its activity in 2011. The total area of the land makes 500 ha. Location: Kyiv-Chop highway (65 km), Makariv district, Nebelytsia village. We specialize in the production of fresh berries: wild strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, black currant, red currant, and blackberry.

The enterprise renders agrotechnological services and invites to cooperation!

Here you can:

  • realize yourself as a manufacturer of berry production in cooperation;;
  •  take advantage of all the necessary services for the cultivation of your berries.

Contact information:
Ph. +38(044) 383-83-81,
Ph.+38 (067) 474-59-46
Ph. / fax: +38(044)383-83-08
Email: office@agrovesna.com.ua

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