The operator of the berry cluster, Limited Liability Company «Agrovesna – Market», provides a full spectrum of services:

  • Purchase and sale of berries 
  • Storage services
  • Sorting and packaging
  • Services of cold store
  • Shock freezing
  • Formation of export consignments
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Sale and rent of containers

Contact details of the sales department

Ph. +38 067 324 65 41

Ph.. +38 067 322 30 04

Our assortment:

Pine and wild strawberry
Black currant
Highbush blueberry
Red currant

Services in the distribution of fresh and frozen berries:

Services in cooling and freezing of berries:

Refrigerator – with a total area of 250 sq.m
Three cooling chambers with different temperatures and capacity of 20 t
Accumulation chamber for formation of export deliveries
Shock freezing – t-38°S
Freezing chamber – capacity of 6 t a day
Storage and sorting chambers of the frozen berry t-18°C

  • We accept end goods according to requirements and standards. At the reception, we control the volume and quality of production.
  • After reception of production from the field to the refrigerator, we form consignments according to a category and send it for quick cooling for 90 minutes.
  • After quick cooling, the consignment moves to the zone of corresponding temperature storage where it is prepared according to the order (pre-packing, weighing, pelleting, etc.)
  • We rapidly load the prepared consignment of goods into motor transport. During production loading, the buyer can check the quality of the products personally.

Our strategy is to bring our products to the most demanding consumer and take the lead at the national level, and to strengthen export potential owing to constant improvement.