On July 2, 2019, the first in Ukraine GLOBAL G.A.P Tour took place organized by the USAID Project «Support of agrarian and rural development» in partnership with the «Syngenta Ukraine» company. The participants of the tour visited our berry cluster “Agrovesna” and saw all processes of production, approaching to the GLOBAL G.A.P standards in practical realization.

The international certification GLOBAL G.A.P. is an indicator of the not only quality of a product, but also the responsible attitude of the company to its workers, grounds and production process, «is an export ticket for producer and remarkable investment at an increase of efficiency of a business.»

It was delightful for us to welcome GLOBAL G.A.P Tour on the territory of our cluster, as this year with methodological assistance of the USAID Project, we have decided to begin the procedure of reception of GLOBAL G.А.Р certificate, we start work on improvement of internal processes. We are ready for the introduction of requirements of the international standard in the economic activities which will give a chance to our enterprise to move to a new level.

The participants of the tour could examine our fields and planting, a new refrigerator, equipment, and small residential facilities. Afterward, the delegates were offered to have lunch and taste the wild strawberry. The visitors left the premises in a good mood and with pleasant impressions.